Who is 'Magnotherapy For Health'

Hi, my name is Nikki Pepper and I have been wearing and supplying Bioflow magnotherapy products for 22 years

Over the past two decades I have heard amazing stories of life changing feedback from customers as I have travelled around the UK.

Since starting a family in 2001, I have moved the business online, as travelling around the country like before has not been possible, but I really do miss the personal interaction. Perhaps one day I shall get mobile again, in the meantime please do contact me online if you would like any guidance or advice.

Like you probably, I was highly sceptical that magnets could make any real difference, but I figured that even if I didn’t feel any real improvement, they weren’t that expensive, looked pretty good, and were likely to be a conversation starter.

I am one of those unfortunate folk who has Hayfever, and from mid May to end of July, life could be pretty miserable. Endless streaming nose, itchy eyes, scratchy throat and large cartons of man-sized tissue boxes at the ready. To my utter surprise really, the magnets had a significant impact on these symptoms. Don’t get me wrong, the symptoms were still there, just a shadow of their former selves, and I recouped my costs in just a month’s savings on medication. 

Fast track forward a couple of years, and lending a colleague my bracelet after watching him suffer in the same way I had been, I was amazed to see his condition improving in just 30 minutes of wearing it. It was one of those moments when you often hear people say “If I hadn’t witnessed it with my own eyes I wouldn’t have believed it.

Some of the ways how my magnotherapy wristband helped me

(These experiences are personal to me and not intended to replace sound medical advice)

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My magnotherapy wristband has made a significant difference in reducing the symptoms associated with hayfever... 22 years in, I'm still symptom free!

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Blood Pressure

My blood pressure results improved since wearing a magnet and other wearers have also told me they had similar improvements.

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Leg Cramps

No more acute leg pain waking me up in the night! Makes sense though if magnotherapy can help blood to carry toxins away more effectively... be gone lactic acid buildup!

Over the last two decades I have continued to learn about magnotherapy and how it can help such a wide array of ailments. Ranging from diabetes, low mood or energy, injuries, migraines, poor circulation and skin disorders, to sportsmen and women keen to aid recovery and healing. 

Diploma in Magnetic Therapy Healing

In December 2018 I received a Certificate of Achievement to certify that I had successfully demonstrated proficient comprehension in the course of Diploma in Magnetic Therapy Healing and was awared this qualification with Distinction.