Magnotherapy natural pain relief for horses and ponies

Equine magnotherapy products have been hugely popular over the years and many horse owners state they wouldn't be without them after seeing significant results on their own animals.

Non invasive and easy to fit, magnotherapy can help to treat existing conditions as well as help maintain a healthy body. 

We offer two different brands for you to choose from.

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What makes our products special?

Our Bioflow horse boots have been around almost as long as our Bioflow wristbands and bracelets so we're talking around 20 years now! Our horse boots remain trusted and popular and as with all Bioflow products, you know you are going to get a product which is going to be well made, durable and effective. There are two magnets per boot and they are intended to be worn as a pair.

Our Pulse Magnetics fetlock bands can be bought singly and can be worn 24/7. Each fetlock band contains one powerful magnet.

All of our horse products contain magnets above 2000 gauss and have the all essential powerful depth of field.