Magnotherapy natural pain relief for dogs

If you think about just how much dogs can race about, while this is beneficial to maintain overall good health, over time, it can also contribute to wear and tear and it is estimated that 25-30% of dogs suffer from arthritis and joint problems.  

Magnotherapy can help reduce inflamation and improve circulation which aids healing in any part of the body.

Compared with humans, dogs often show faster improvements with magnotherapy products because they have a quicker blood circulation and therefore, more nutrients and oxygenated blood being delivered to parts of the body where there may be inflammation. Improved blood flow also helps to remove built up toxins and help to reduce pain and increase mobility. 

Our Bioflow magnotherapy collars are non invasive and drug free and are worn around the neck like a normal collar. If you feel your pet could also do with an extra 'boost', why not put one of our magnetic 'Power Pad' in your pets bed too!

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Rowans story

I bought a magnetic collar for my dog, many years ago after she started cluster fitting and was put on medication, I read somewhere it helps with blood flow.

Within a year she was off her expensive medication and has not had a fit for 10 years. She's now 13 and apart from being deaf and having a white beard no one believes me when I tell them how old she is, she acts like a 3 year old and will give a greyhound a run for his money! So I guess the collar didn't just help the epilepsy.

I have since recommended them to two of my dog walking clients who started fitting and another one who was getting stiff in her back legs, all have seen noticeable improvements.

I highly recommend them.

Tammy Betson via Facebook page review

Check out our magnotherapy products for pets