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Why not choose something that's attractive, easy to wear and could turn out to be absolutely priceless!

We have been providing people and animals with magnotherapy products since 1997 and we intend to help relieve aches and pains for many more years to come.

The pirouette design has been a part of our product range for several years and continues to prove to be a popular choice.

With several finishes available, the rose gold finish, stainless steel and gold finish are our most popular choices..

The pirouettes are hard wearing and designed to be worn loosely on the wrist. All pirouette bracelets come in two sizes and come with an extra link.

Stylish and adjustable, the Elite has a main magnet module and relay magnet incorporated into its strap

Elites come in two sizes with the ladies design having a smaller module and a slimmer strap.

Unisex Bioflow bangle with a silver groove detail combined with gold to create a two tone effect.

Made in traditional copper and designed to be moulded around the wrist so it sits comfortably with the magnet modules over the inside of your wrist.

The stylish and well made leather Executive is a popular choice and provides an attractive alternative to the Bioflow Explorer.

Explorer - Canvas wristband

Combining a durable nylon strap with a concealed magnet module and relay magnet built into the buckle.

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Shop all categories

Did you know we also have magnotherapy products to use on the point of pain?

We also have products which can be worn by dogs, cats, horses, and now miniature ponies.

Products come in varying sizes and a choice of colours.

What's not to love!

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